February 1944 – January 2017
Your loss is terrible and you will truly be missed.


Adam Wakeman


Son of keyboard player Rick Wakeman, who also played on Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album. Adam is currently playing keyboards with Black Sabbath. He also plays with Ozzy Osbourne and his own band Headspace. Adam has also been involved with Annie Lennox, Will Young, Victoria Beckham, Straws, Atomic Kitten and Snakecharmer.


Emerald Sabbath

Adam plays keyboards on Changes, Supertzar, Embryos, In for the Kill and Stonehenge.

Bev Bevan


In 1983 Bev Bevan replaced Bill Ward for the Born Again tour. He again rejoined Black Sabbath in 1987 and played percussion on the Eternal Idol album. He features on the Born Again deluxe version and on both Trashed and Zero the Hero music videos. He currently is with Quill but is an ex member of The Move, Electric Light Orchestra and Bev Bevan’s Move.

Emerald Sabbath

Bev has played percussion on both Embyros and drums on Changes. He will also be playing playing percussion on Trashed.


Neil Murray


Neil first joined Black Sabbath in the Headless Cross tour in 1989. He stayed on and recorded bass on the TYR album and toured to support the album. He left Black Sabbath in 1991 after the mob rule line up of Black Sabbath reformed. He returned to Black Sabbath in 1994 to record on the FORBIDDEN album and the tour to follow it. Neil has played with various bands and acts including Graham Bonnet, Rondineilli, Cozy Powell, Jon Lord, Gary Moore, Brian May to name just a few.


Emerald Sabbath

Neil teamed up with Emerald Sabbath same day as Vinny Appice on the end of January 2017. So far Neil will be playing bass on Emerald Sabbath’s SHE’S GONE.

Terry Chimes


Famous for being a member of The Clash, Terry joined Black Sabbath on the Black Sabbath Eternal Idol tour from July to December 1987 and one gig in May 1988. He also appeared on the Shining Music video from the Eternal Idol album. Other acts terry has played with are The Clash, Billy Idol, Hanoi Rocks , The Crunch and London SS.


Emerald Sabbath

Terry is playing drums on the new version of Supertzar.

Laurence Cottle


Laurence joined Black Sabbath in 1989 to play bass on the Headless Cross album. He also appeared on the Headless Cross music video. Laurence has also been a member of Alan Parson’s project and jazz fusion releases like Five Seasons and Laurence Cottle Live. He also writes music for tv and film including Friends and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Emerald Sabbath

Laurence has played bass so far on Changes, Embryo, Stonehenge, Supertzar, Hole in the Sky and In for the Kill.


Mike Exeter


Mike is playing keyboards on Fluff and Die Young, as well as engineering and producing Ninth Star. Mike has worked with Judas Priest, UB40 and Cradle of Filth. He was awarded a Grammy for his engineering work on Black Sabbath’s 13 album.

This picture shows Mike recording with Black Sabbath

Mike Exeter

Emerald Sabbath

Mike did guitar mixing on Die Young.


Ron Keel


Ron Keel was very briefly in Black Sabbath between early March/April 1984, and other projects include Keel, Steeler and Ron Keel Band. He now also hosts radio shows online, and on KBAD, the #1 rock station in Sioux Fall, South Dakota.

Emerald Sabbath

Ron is providing vocals on Trashed, Die Young and Hole In The Sky with Emerald Sabbath.


English Chamber Choir


The English Chambers Choir formed in 1972 and sang on the Black Sabbath instrumental Supertzar from the Sabotage album. They now sing regularly with Belmont Ensemble at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square performing Mozart’s Requiem, Faure’s Requiem, Vivaldi’s Gloria and Handel’s Messiah. In 2012 they worked with Rick Wakeman in the re-recording of Journey to the Centre of the Earth at Abbey Road Studios. They have since appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s Christmas Cookalong, as well as appearing for the Queen at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.


Emerald Sabbath

The English Chambers Choir are singing on Emerald Sabbath’s new version of Supertzar which also includes Adam Wakeman, Terry Chimes and Laurence Cottle.

Vinny Appice


Vinny joined Black Sabbath in 1980 to replace Bill Ward on the Heaven and Hell tour. He also played on the Mob Rules and live albums. He left in 1982 with Ronnie James Dio to form Dio, but returned in 1992 for Black Sabbath’s Dehumanizer album. He rejoined Dio in 1994. He rejoined his old bandmates Ronnie James Dio and Geezer Butler in 2006 to form Heaven and Hell, where he toured and played on the album The Devil You Know.


Emerald Sabbath

Vinny joined the Emerald Sabbath Project as recently as January 2017. He is playing drums on Trashed and Die Young.

Dave Walker


Dave Walker was briefly with Black Sabbath from fall 1977 until January 1978 to replace Ozzy. He did write lyrics for the Never Say Die album but were never used as Ozzy rejoined Sabbath. The Black Sabbath line up with Dave Walker however did appear on the BBC’s West Midlands programme ‘Look Here’ on January 6th 1978 and performed an early version of Juniors Eyes. Dave has also been a member of Fleetwood Mac, Idle Race, Savoy Brown, The Redcaps and Dave Walker band.



Emerald Sabbath

Dave is doing vocals on She’s Gone on the Ninth Star album along with Dave Walker band members Chris Cundy (keyboards) and Bill Dywer (guitar).

Ardeton String Quartet


Formed in 2001 and were trained at the royal college of music. The royal welsh college of music and Birmingham conservatoire of music. Now based in Bristol they have performed for royalty at veterans events in Cardiff and sky arts at the hay-on- wye festival. They also have recorded sessions films with Edwin Miles and Jess Mcallister. They perform works by Hayden / Mendelessohn and Dvorak. They are available for weddings/corporate events/recitals and studio sessions.

Emerald Sabbath

They are playing a crucial role in the ninth star album. Turning Black Sabbath instrumentals into classical form.

Bobby Rondinelli


Bobby joined Black Sabbath in 1994 and played drums on the Cross Purposes album and the Cross Purposes Live release, which was released in 1995. He has previously drummed for Rainbow, Quiet Riot, Blue Oyster Cult, Riot, The Lizards and is currently drumming with Axel Rudi Pell Band.


Emerald Sabbath

Bobby so far has drummed on two Emerald Sabbath tracks; Hole In The Sky and In For The Kill which is extended from the 7th star version.


Rudy Sarzo


Rudy is the latest guest to play on the Emerald Sabbath Project. He has played bass with Dio,  Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Quiet Riot and many others.

Emerald Sabbath

Rudy is playing bass on Die Young alongside Vinny Appice, Mike Exeter and Ron Keel

Tony Martin


Tony fronted Black Sabbath from 1987 to 1991, and again from 1993 to 1997. Tony sang on the The Eternal Idol 1987, Headless Cross, 1989, TYR 1990, Cross Purposes 1994, Cross Purposes Live 1995, Forbidden 1995, The Sabbath Stones 1996 (compilation).
Tony has also sang with Aldo Giuntini, Empire and Black Widows ‘Sleeping with Demons’ album. He also sang with Rondinelli, Forcefield and headed up Headless Cross with the late Geoff Nichols


Emerald Sabbath

Tony joined the Emerald Sabbath project April 2017 and is singing ‘In for the Kill’ on the Ninth Star album.

Skaila Kanga


Skaila was born in India and is Head of Harp Studies at the Royal Academy of Music. Her early career included working with the BBC Concert Orchestra, Sir George Solti and  Pierre Monteux. Her solo career has seen her work with Frank Sinatra, Barbara Striesand and Elton John. As a session player she has worked with The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Kylie Minogue, Sir Paul McCartney, Massive Attack and Sting. Though exact dates are not known, Skaila was a session harpisr with Black Sabbath in the 1970’s.


Emerald Sabbath

Skaila is playing harp on Emerald Sabbath’s version of Supertzar

Lisa Ljungberg


Lisa is a singer/pianist from Sweden. She covered Black Sabbath’s Air Dance from the Seven Seas album. Lisa is singing backing vocals on Emerald Sabbath’s version of She’s Gone.

Emerald Sabbath

Mike Lewis

String arranger on She’s Gone. Mike Lewis freelance arranger/conductor and producer is writing string arrangement for Emerald Sabbath’s She’s Gone. He also wrote the strings for the original She’s Gone on the Technical Ecstasy album. Mike has worked with various people including Rod Stewart, P Diddy, Bee Gees, Crosby Stills and Nash, and has played with Frank Sinatra, The Supremes, Shirley Bassey and many others.

Will Malone

Will is doing string arrangements for harp and cellos on Emerald Sabbath’s version of Supertzar. He also did strings on the original Supertzar from Black Sabbath’s Sabatoge album. Will produced Iron Maidens first album, Iron Maiden, and has worked with Depeche Mode, Take That, Joss Stone, Gary Barlow, Massive Attack and Adele to name but a few.

Pete Rinaldi

Pete is a guitar player born in Australia. Pete is also a member of Adam Wakeman’s band Headspace. Pete has worked with Dido, Gary Barlow, Rick Wakeman, Justin Hawkins and Holly Johnson from Frankie goes to Hollywood. He also played the west end musicals We Will Rock You and Rock of Ages.

Chris Cundy

Chris is a keyboard player in montana usa, he plays with the Dave Walker Band.

Bill Dwyer

Bill is also with the Dave Walker Band, playing guitar.

Queenie May

Queenie sings backing vocals on Changes

Sarah Tobias

Sarah is jazz influenced. She has worked with Sir John Hurt and has played at the Royal Albert Hall.

 DC Cothern

Dc Cothern is the lead guitarist for the Ron Keel Band, and has also played with Rob Halford, Kip Winger, Dan Dokken, Mark Slaughter and Stephen Percy. DC is playing guitar on Die Young.

Hugh Gilmour

Hugh is the graphic designer who created the line notes on Black Sabbath’s Born Again album. Hugh has also worked for Genesis, Whitesnake, Inon Maiden, Deep Purple, Motorhead and Hawkwind.

We are pleased to have Hugh design the Emerald Sabbath CD booklet, liner notes and CD artwork.

Other contributors and thanks

Richard Manning & Colin Elgie

Artists and designers who created artwork and inner sleeve design for Black Sabbath’s Technical Ecstasy album. They are both designing Emerald Sabbath’s Ninth Star artwork.

Jeremy J Lewis

Producer on Black Sabbath’s song Nightwing on the Headless Cross album. He is mastering Emerald Sabbath’s She’s Gone. Jeremy has previously worked with China Crisis and OMD.

Kevin Porée

Kevin has been in music over 25 years and has worked as a producer/arranger/mixer and songwriter. He has worked with Gary Barlow, James Brown, Radiohead, Shirley Bassey, Westlife and Jason Donovan. His clients include Nokia, Sony BMG, the Metropolitan Pollice, The Arts Council, the BBC and many others. Kevin did the engineering for Emerald Sabbath’s Supertzar with Terry Chimes.


Alan Caves

Alan is an engineer with Bev Bevan and did the studio mixes for Embyro and Changes on the Ninth Star album. He is probably most famous for his work with UB40 on Red Red Wine – he also appeared in the music video.